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Time To Get Excited About Tech?


In our lives we go through a lot of positive reinforcement events that we don't always stop and recognize for what they are or pause to bask in the moment. These events do come and go over time, so experts feel the lack of these moments lead some people to a feeling of disenchantment with aspects of their life.

Some don't really know what they are missing while others search relentlessly for this "feel good" event without a true definition of what it would be or where to start looking. We buy our first car, we go on our first date or maybe it was when you bought your first home or had your first child. Events that capture your every thought and emotion and then are frozen in time to be brought out from time to time and relived again. We need these events and unfortunately some people don't get enough of them while they are at an age to enjoy them and bask in the moment.

I always like to look at investing styles and ideas and relate them to other life events. We tend to make investment decisions based on a lot of emotion yet we don't like to admit that openly. We see an ad for a new product on TV and we may end up trying it. We see a company featured on BNN and we can't help but wonder what that will do to the market optics on the short term as far as the stock price. While some wonder, others make a move and invest on what others may do in turn. Some investors make decisions based on where they know others will invest in the future. They don't have a crystal ball but they do have an uncanny ability to know what the market will embrace and even chase while driving up the price. Did you know that the tech sector was actually the best performing sector for the TSX in 2012?

I think it's time to take a serious look at an emerging tech company that seems to be running on all cylinders right now. They have taken a unique approach to growth in the sense that they only expand for the sake of added immediate value while maintaining a low burn rate. I can't stress how important this is especially in the tech space. Too many wanna-be companies leap into agreements that only add costs and expenditures with no clear path to success.

I have spent a lot of time researching LX Ventures and think this may be the next big thing on the tech stage. They have a dynamic team that has seasoned veterans making the right deals at the right time. We all know how important timing is in the markets.  We are currently seeing a lot of money pull back from the resource sector and now we have to wonder where a lot of that money will be going in 2013. I believe Mike Edwards at LX Ventures has a clear path to success in mind and the proof is in the business model. By leveraging relationships in the tech, financial and business sectors the team has managed to zero in on early stage high growth tech companies in the digital technology space.

LX Ventures is a publicly traded incubator that launches, integrates, and acquires early stage high growth technology companies. They are a group of entrepreneurs dedicated to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing funding, resources, mentor-ship, and access to our global network. They are in the business of building businesses. Their approach is twofold: they either partner with existing companies to assist with distribution and scaling or they internally innovate from idea generation through to launch and exit. For further information about LX Ventures, its technology, collaborations and partnerships, please visit:


The LX Ventures group of companies receive access to a vast network, including industry-leading entrepreneurs, VC-backed Growlab, Launch Academy, service providers, developers, accelerators and incubators across North America, and international tier 1 partnerships.While using an incubator model they provide capital and support options while taking majority investment in only the best opportunities available. As an investor in the the company you can ride along the road of success as companies grow to fruition and are either sold or spun out for very large returns to all stakeholders.

Most investors simply don't have this opportunity through normal channels of investment instruments. By investing and sitting back to watch your investment grow you can take part an industry famous for explosive growth and user engagement. When people like a tech product or service they tend to absorb themselves in the related products and even adapt their lifestyles and personal habits to coincide with their product or service. At this point I don't think I need to start name dropping tech stories that would have netted 1000% or even 10,000% profit to those who got in early.


Although LX Ventures has a strong list of majority owned and 100% owned companies I want to focus this article on one of my favorites that they are just closing the acquisition of.

About Mobio Technologies Inc.

Mobio Technologies flagship product, Mobio INsider, is a leading fan directed content network and gamification platform that rewards music fans with content they have a hand in creating from the artists they love and connects brands to their desired audiences. The platform successfully reaches its core target audience - teens and tweens - through a highly engaging social game, while increasing the artist's social media following and boosting awareness of brand partners. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. To learn more, please visit

Mobio INsider leverages the social influence of music artists to help your brand achieve your marketing goals in the youth market (13 - 24 years). Reach millions of highly engaged consumers at industry beating rates.

Mobio works with today's hottest music artists who engage their social media fans with Mobio INsider who then interact directly with your brand advertising. Consumers are encouraged to complete a variety of desirable consumer marketing behaviors including:
  • Banner view and click-through to any website or microsite
  • Full video view
  • Feedback on marketing messages including video or banner
  • Confirmed delivery of targeted offers or coupons
  • Social sharing: your brand message shared by consumers on their own social media pages to hundreds of their friends
  • Social following: increase your following across all social media platforms

Get Access with Mobio

Mobio INsider

Have a say!

You have never been so close to your favorite music artists! Now, with Mobio INsider, you get what you want from the artists you love: pictures, contests to win awesome prizes or even a meet and greet, and answers to questions about their lives from what it was like growing up, to their favorite song! Tell the artist what YOU want and vote for your favorite things!
Check out Mobio INsider here




Mobio gives you a two-way channel to interact with and make requests for rewards, access, and offers from stars and brands in a way that has not been possible in the past.


Whether you are after information, pictures, videos, songs, clothes, or the latest perfume... Mobio gets you closer and gives you an ability to exert your influence. Mobio helps you get what you want from the biggest stars and the best brands.
The LX Venture team is comprised of Canada's leading financial, legal, investment capital, and technology entrepreneurs. They provide portfolio companies' access to industry leaders, who enable entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and exit their companies.

If you have followed the tech sector the past few years you know about all the big names and all the big takeovers. But do you really know the science behind finding these high return stocks? I suspect in the past a lot of tech companies were monitored for growth and when that hockey stick curve kicked in the major player moved in and made an offer. The return for early investors was what dreams are made. Now take a look at the incubator style of a company like LX Ventures. The company has picked its early targets and made it's move based on its formula for success. The team they have in place has identified the next big thing before the public is even aware they want to be part of it.

The company has 100% ownership of some of its brands while it took a majority position in the others so that the founders are implanted stakeholders, there for the final pay day. No one works harder than the original founder of a company. They see the targets, they go after them and when the milestones fall in place the company name is branded on everyone even loosely connected to that genre. It's their baby, and they want it to be the next big thing everyone is talking about.

This company has a strong insider investment component and is running about $60,000 a month operational costs with zero debt. With approximately $1.7 million in the bank they are set to launch their growth and associated revenue component that will possibly draw in a major and lock in that major sale. I personally can't wait to see what the summer brings for LX Ventures.

Mike Edwards

“We’re here to enhance shareholder value by way of building the next major must own company. My team has done it multiple times before with well over $2-billion in company exits and we think we’re far better equipped to do this today.”

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