Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Early Cancer Detection Saves Lives

Exact Sciences Corporation

Currently trading over $6 USD a share, Exact Sciences Corporation has a screening test called Cologuard. It is a disruptive technology in the war on colon cancer. As a non-invasive front-line screening test, it is FDA-approved and covered by Medicare and an increasing number of commercial payers. In a 10,000-patient clinical trial, Cologuard found 92% of cancers, 42% of pre-cancers and had a specificity of 87%.

Cologuard is so easy to use that you can do it from home. The test does not require you to follow a special diet or change your medications.

Cologuard is intended for the qualitative detection of colorectal neoplasia associated DNA markers and for the presence of occult hemoglobin in human stool. A positive result may indicate the presence of colorectal cancer or advanced adenoma and should be followed by a diagnostic colonoscopy. Cologuard is indicated to screen men and women 50 years or older, who are at typical average-risk for colorectal cancer. Cologuard is not a replacement for diagnostic colonoscopy or surveillance colonoscopy in high risk individuals. Both false positives and false negatives do occur. In the clinical study of Cologuard, 13% of people without cancer or precancer tested positive. Any positive result should be followed by a diagnostic colonoscopy. Following a negative result, patients should continue participating in a screening program at an interval and with a method appropriate for the individual patient. Cologuard performance when used for repeat testing has not been evaluated or established.  http://www.exactsciences.com/our-products/screening-test

PictureGeneNews Ltd (TSE:GEN)

GeneNews Ltd has developed ColonSentry an easy early warning test for Colorectal Cancer

ColonSentry is a sophisticated blood test that can assess a patient's current risk of having colorectal cancer. The test is not considered a replacement for colonoscopy, but rather a more convenient step in determining early warning signs of colon cancer. ColonSentry does not require patients to provide a stool sample, nor does it require any dietary restrictions like fasting or refraining from certain foods or medications prior to taking the test. The ColonSentry test is easy to perform and blood can be drawn at the same time as other tests. GeneNews trades under the symbol GEN.T and currently trades at 10 cents CDN a share.


GeneNews to acquire full ownership of Innovative

2016-03-04 07:39 ET - News Release

Mr. James Howard-Tripp reports


GeneNews Ltd. has entered into a unit purchase agreement with Cobalt Healthcare Consultants Inc., pursuant to which GeneNews's wholly owned subsidiary, GeneNews (USA) Inc., will acquire Cobalt's 50-per-cent ownership interest in the Innovative Diagnostic Laboratory LLP (IDL) joint venture. Once concluded, GeneNews will have full ownership of IDL.

Under terms of the purchasing agreement, GeneNews will assume any and all of Cobalt's liability relating to Cobalt's $1-million (U.S.) secured demand promissory note, payable to former IDL partner HDL USA Holdings LLC. No other consideration will be paid. Additionally, GeneNews has asked for and received a one-year extension on the term of the note, making it due in May, 2017. The purchasing agreement is subject to GeneNews completing a strategic financing during March, 2016.

"In recent months, we have taken a number of important steps to get the company on a more solid footing to support an orderly restructuring of its operations," said GeneNews executive chairman James Howard-Tripp. "With a number of difficult decisions behind us, and this purchasing agreement in place, we are now much better prepared to pursue the working capital we need to restore IDL's corporate viability and re-establish its growth trajectory."
We seek Safe Harbor.



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