Thursday, September 5, 2013


You can take solace in knowing you are not alone watching the markets and waiting for things to turn around. The global markets have been hurt; but for the first time in months there seems to be a positive sentiment in the air. Some of the more lively stocks are on the TSX-V which has long been known for volatility and potential high performance movers. Investing has always been about weighing the risk vs the rewards and this has been the trademark rule for those who want to be around to fight another day.

With gold starting to climb back up a bit the gold bugs are on the verge of screaming out "buy gold" but have been hesitant to do so with lingering wars in the Middle East again and uncertainty on the current demand in China and Asia as a whole. In reality the paper gold market seems to be steering the real gold in a supply against demand scenario the likes of which most of us have never seen in my opinion.

A wise broker once told me that the real losers in this market are the guys who cut bait and run. If the fundamentals of the company you are invested in have not changed then you may be wiser to ride out the rough waters and average down when you can. Going all in is never wise but chasing after the hype stories can leave you with a smaller account to play with on an upcoming bull run.

No matter what sector you favor I can bet that it will turn around and you will see brighter days. The zombie stocks are still out there though and you may be best to wait until the real news materializes rather than jump in on the hype of "pending news".

I have been watching the following stocks for a break-out and if you have a minute try to do some due diligence. There is no guarantee any or all of these will significantly run from the current price but  have a look at the recent news and the chart as well. You may just find you have been hearing the same from your colleagues the past few weeks. Sometimes we need to hear the same stock symbol a few times before it registers in our head.


Sirona Biochem is a biotechnology company developing diabetes therapeutics, skin depigmenting and anti-aging agents for cosmetic use, biological ingredients and cancer vaccine antigens. The company utilizes a proprietary chemistry technique to improve pharmaceutical properties of carbohydrate-based molecules. Sirona Biochem is the parent company of French-based biotechnology company, TFChem. For more information visit


LX Ventures is a publicly-traded technology incubator that launches, acquires and integrates early-stage, high-growth technology companies. Similar to a mining project generator, we incubate multiple tech companies internally by providing the concept, capital and an expert management team. LX Ventures offers investors of all types a liquid option to invest in private technology startups that are usually illiquid and reserved for accredited investors or VC's.

"We launch technology companies"


Zodiac is a well financed Oil & Gas Exploration company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta and offices in Bakersfield, California. Zodiac's core assets are located in California's San Joaquin Basin, where Zodiac holds approximately 71,000 net acres of land in the prolific Monterey/Kreyenhagen Oil Shale formations. 


Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc. (TSX VENTURE:CYX) is an agriculture technology company. It is the largest shareholder in Agrisoma Biosciences Inc., which is producing a new proprietary, non-food, energy feedstock crop carinata, which yields oil that can be refined into transportation fuels that work in existing engines as a 100 percent petroleum substitute. From seed to sky, fuels produced from carinata substantially reduce carbon and other harmful emissions, and help to reduce global petroleum dependence. For further information about Calyx, please visit


PHM is currently a positive cash flow and profitable company servicing patients with chronic heart disease and will act as a platform for acquisitions. PHM is focused on a highly fragmented and developing market of small privately-held companies servicing chronically ill patients with multiple disease states caused mainly by age and obesity. Because of the new and highly fragmented nature of the market, PHM is actively working to identify and evaluate profitable, annuity-based companies to acquire their patient databases and technical expertise at favorable prices. PHM's post acquisition organic growth strategy is to increase annual revenue per patient by offering multiple services to the same patient, consolidating the patient's services and making life easier for the patient. The expected result is growing EPS with each acquisition and growing revenue and profits from the cross selling efforts.


Kane Biotech is a biotechnology company engaged in the development of products to prevent and disperse biofilms. Biofilms develop when bacteria and other microorganisms form a protective matrix that acts as a shield against attack. When in a biofilm, bacteria become highly resistant to antibiotics, biocides, disinfectants, high temperatures and host immune responses. This resiliency contributes to human health problems such as recurrent urinary tract infections, medical device associated infections and tooth decay.

Kane Biotech uses patent protected technologies based on molecular mechanisms of biofilm formation/dispersal and methods for finding compounds that inhibit or disrupt biofilms. The Company has evidence that these technologies have potential to significantly improve the ability to prevent and/or destroy biofilms in several medical and industrial applications.


The information contained herein is based on sources which we believe to be reliable but is not guaranteed by us as being accurate and does not purport to be a complete statement or summary of the available encourages readers and investors to supplement the information in these reports with independent research and other professional advice. All information on featured companies is provided by the companies profiled, or is available from public sources and makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the disclosure by the profiled companies.

None of the materials or advertisements herein constitute offers or solicitations to purchase or sell securities of the companies profiled herein and any decision to invest in any such company or other financial decisions should not be made based upon the information provide herein. Instead strongly urges you conduct a complete and independent investigation of the respective companies and consideration of all pertinent risks. Readers are advised to review Sedar, SEC periodic reports: Forms 10-Q, 10K, Form 8-K, insider reports, Forms 3, 4, 5 Schedule 13D. is compliant with the Can Spam Act of 2003. does not offer such advice or analysis, and further urges you to consult your own independent tax, business, financial and investment advisors. Investing in micro-cap and growth securities is highly speculative and carries and extremely high degree of risk. It is possible that an investor’s investment may be lost or impaired due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled.



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