Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trade Like It's 2010

This Weeks Watch List!!!

Remember back in 2010 when news used to bring in the masses and stocks were eaten up quickly?


Zodiac is a well financed Oil & Gas Exploration company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta and offices in Bakersfield, California. Zodiac's core assets are located in California's San Joaquin Basin, where Zodiac holds approximately 71,000 net acres of land in the prolific Monterey/Kreyenhagen Oil Shale formations. 


Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc. (TSX VENTURE:CYX) is an agriculture technology company. It is the largest shareholder in Agrisoma Biosciences Inc., which is producing a new proprietary, non-food, energy feedstock crop carinata, which yields oil that can be refined into transportation fuels that work in existing engines as a 100 percent petroleum substitute. From seed to sky, fuels produced from carinata substantially reduce carbon and other harmful emissions, and help to reduce global petroleum dependence. For further information about Calyx, please visit


Canada Carbon Inc. (Canada Carbon) is a carbon sciences company focused on the exploration and sale of graphite. Its exploration properties include Maria Township Graphite Claims, Ontario, Canada; Charge Property, British Columbia, Canada, and White Gold District Claims, Yukon, Canada. The Company acquired 38 prospective, large-flake Graphite mineral claims contiguous to, and completely surrounding, Northern Graphite Corporation’s Bissett Creek Graphite deposit. The claims are located in the Maria Township, approximately 17 kilometers from the TransCanada Highway between the cities of Ottawa and North Bay, Ontario. The claims cover an estimated area of 4,990 hectares (12,335 acres). The Charge prospect is located in northern British Columbia. The White Gold District Claims include 128 quartz claims, covering over 6,500 acres, in two separate claim blocks in the White Gold District/Stewart River Area of the Yukon.



Sirona Biochem is a biotechnology company developing diabetes therapeutics, skin depigmenting and anti-aging agents for cosmetic use, biological ingredients and cancer vaccine antigens. The company utilizes a proprietary chemistry technique to improve pharmaceutical properties of carbohydrate-based molecules. Sirona Biochem is the parent company of French-based biotechnology company, TFChem. For more information visit


LX Ventures is a publicly-traded technology incubator that launches, acquires and integrates early-stage, high-growth technology companies. Similar to a mining project generator, we incubate multiple tech companies internally by providing the concept, capital and an expert management team. LX Ventures offers investors of all types a liquid option to invest in private technology startups that are usually illiquid and reserved for accredited investors or VC's.

"We launch technology companies"


PHM is currently a positive cash flow and profitable company servicing patients with chronic heart disease and will act as a platform for acquisitions. PHM is focused on a highly fragmented and developing market of small privately-held companies servicing chronically ill patients with multiple disease states caused mainly by age and obesity. Because of the new and highly fragmented nature of the market, PHM is actively working to identify and evaluate profitable, annuity-based companies to acquire their patient databases and technical expertise at favorable prices. PHM's post acquisition organic growth strategy is to increase annual revenue per patient by offering multiple services to the same patient, consolidating the patient's services and making life easier for the patient. The expected result is growing EPS with each acquisition and growing revenue and profits from the cross selling efforts.

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