Monday, July 21, 2014

Affinor Growers appoints Malnarick

Affinor Growers appoints Malnarick as COO

2014-07-21 09:30 ET - News Release

Mr. Sebastien Plouffe reports
Affinor Growers Inc. is integrating the chief operating officer from Vertical Designs Ltd. As part of the intended integration of Vertical Design Ltd into Affinor Growers, CEO Sebastien Plouffe and Chairman of the Board Nick Brusatore have appointed Jarrett Malnarick as Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately. Malnarick replaces former COO Tegan Adams, who is moving to an agricultural operations consulting role following her hard work establishing due diligence, market analysis, and operational plans for Affinor's growing roster of facilities and projects.

The move helps integrate Malnarick into Affinor's operations in a position that makes full use of his working knowledge of VDL's technology. Malnarick will report to the CEO and Chairman.Malnarick will assume responsibility for operations, alignment and prioritization of company developments, acquisitions and projects. He is known for his hands on approach and has over 15 years experience in product development, retail logistics, operational systems development, effective team building and regulatory compliance. While with Vertical Designs, Malnarick was responsible for managing operations and assisting CEO Nick Brusatore with corporate strategy. In that role he helped to fund several technological developments, managed third party validation, conducted market analysis, patent applications, license agreements and independent evaluations for the company setting the platform for effective acquisition.

Malnarick ran his own successful consulting company for over 10 years assisting companies with acquisitions, product development, design costing and ROI analysis, organizational budgets, developmental funding through grants and tax credit programs, new facility process planning, quality engineering and product regulatory compliance to Health Canada and international standards through the design and implementing operational systems. He originally worked with Vertical Designs Ltd. as a consultant and later joined their team in 2011. Malnarick has held a number of executive positions and has earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria.

Adams said of the change, "It's been a wonderful experience working with the Affinor team, and I'm proud to have helped the company surge forward in the way it has. The role I enjoyed at the company has put me in touch with a lot of interesting projects and companies, and the reputation I've built while at the organization makes this the perfect time to make the step to consulting. I will continue to be in contact with the Affinor team and remain open to working with the company down the road as needed."

Sebastien Plouffe, President & CEO says of the appointment, "This reorganization is important for Affinor Growers, as we will be relying on VDL technology heavily and nobody knows the system better than Jarrett. I'd like to personally thank Tegan Adams for her devoted effort and energy that she brought to Affinor during her time as COO, and she will always be a part of the Affinor family."
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