Friday, December 19, 2014

Mezzi Holdings submits tracking app to Apple iTunes

2014-12-19 09:50 ET - News Release

Mr. Keir Reynolds reports

Mezzi Holdings Inc. has submitted the Mezzi app to the Apple iTunes store pending approval.
The main functionality of the app Find it. Using the Mezzi app, you can see how far away you are from your Mezzi item. With a tap of your finger, you can cause the lost item to ring, finding it in seconds.

Where did my phone go? The Mezzi app works both ways. Press the button on the Mezzi TrackR device to cause your phone to ring, even on silent mode! Don't forget it. The Mezzi app's separation alerts can remind you before you leave an item behind. Even better, the Mezzi app works with Google Nest to automatically silence the separation alerts when at home or at work.

Recover it. Using the Mezzi app's revolutionary crowd-sourced GPS function, you receive real-time GPS updates of where your item is.

Each Mezzi product, whether it is a handbag, tote, clutch, duffel or briefcase, is enabled with a Mezzi TrackR, a small, coin-sized Bluetooth LE (low-energy) device that pairs with the Mezzi app for iOS. Using the Mezzi app, you can locate your lost items in seconds using the crowd-sourced GPS function. Mezzi app users receive GPS location updates from users of partners' apps or compatible Bluetooth devices that are within range. The system is completely secure and anonymous.
The Mezzi app is an important aspect in delivering a completely new user experience between a consumer and their Mezzi luxury accessories. Mezzi plans on launching an Android version shortly, and will be adding additional functionality in subsequent versions of its app to further leverage the functionality of the Mezzi TrackR device as it helps shape the smart luxury and fashion technology markets.

Keir Reynolds, Mezzi's chief executive officer, commented on the company's progress: "This is an important milestone to achieve. It has been a very exciting last few weeks to see the positive response from customers and other brands, validating a vision that I and our team had more than 12 months ago. We look forward to continuing to add additional functionality to the app, thereby truly providing our customers with the ultimate stealth wearable as we help define smart luxury."
We seek Safe Harbor.

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