Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lexaria accepting Mastercard, Visa at e-commerce site

2015-02-04 08:40 ET - News Release

Mr. Chris Bunka reports
Lexaria Corp. is providing the following three operational updates.

Credit cards
Lexaria is pleased to announce it is now accepting Mastercard and Visa credit card payments at its e-commerce site, ViPova, for sales of its patent-pending cannabinoid-infused black tea across America. Previously, customers could only transact with the ViPova website with checks and money orders, and while these payment options remain for those who prefer them, ViPova's ability to accept major credit cards will shorten delivery times and provide the ease of ordering that customers expect.
Given the increase in traffic at ViPova, Lexaria believes the ability to use credit cards should lead to an increase in sales volumes. Customers across the United States can also call 1-888-976-8482 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET Monday to Friday to place their orders.

Focus groups
Lexaria has begun holding focus group sessions to introduce and evaluate its CBD-infused black tea. The company's first focus group was held Jan. 29, when 14 people were introduced to ViPova tea. The session provided a chance for potential consumers to learn about the tea and the properties of cannabidiol infusion, and proved immensely valuable to the company to learn about consumer preferences, needs, likes and dislikes.

Lexaria is very pleased at the enthusiastic response and comments received. Participants had the opportunity to meet senior representatives of ViPova and provide detailed commentary that the company will use to fine-tune its products and marketing as 2015 unfolds.
The next focus group will be held during the next several days and the company expects to continue to hold similar focus group meetings in the weeks and months to come.
Strategic adviser

Lexaria has engaged Sequoia Partners Inc. for strategic fiscal advisement and for the development of various strategies to assist the company to realize its project objectives. Lexaria will be working closely with the managing partners of Sequoia to pursue its interests. The managing partners have extensive and long-lasting relationships in the finance, health care and pharmaceutical industries that are expected to be beneficial to the company. Sequoia has been granted 250,000 stock options and will receive a monthly fee of $5,000 for the next six months.

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