Monday, February 23, 2015

Lexaria starts U.S. sales push for ViPova tea

2015-02-23 08:29 ET - News Release

Mr. Chris Bunka reports

Lexaria Corp. has launched a national United States initiative designed to assist Americans to simultaneously achieve two important objectives, with the first being to try new ViPova CBD-infused tea and to hold a tea party in their homes or offices. The President of ViPova or another Lexaria/ViPova member will personally visit with you; share ViPovaTM Tea amongst the group; provide information; answer questions; and, invite participants to become channel partner distributors. Contact ViPovaTM through our website or by email at, to make your request to host a ViPovaTM TEA PARTY. In order to qualify to host your TEA PARTY, certain criteria, not limited to the following, must be met: a minimum of 12 people over the age of 21 must attend the TEA PARTY. We will consider all TEA PARTY requests and follow up with you regarding possible dates and schedules, as we roam across the country.

Not only will TEA PARTY participants have a chance to enjoy great-tasting ViPovaTM tea with no obligation, they will also be able to apply on the spot at these unique events to become authorized CHANNEL PARTNER Distributors of ViPovaTM products. In addition to receiving extensive, industry leading product training, distributors will have the potential to earn an exciting supplementary income selling ViPovaTM products. Persons wishing to become ViPovaTM distributors can also apply by downloading an application form available at A limited number of CHANNEL PARTNER distributorships will be available in each state in the country. Interested distributors or TEA PARTY hosts can also email us at with your contact information and we will respond asap.

ViPovaTM by Lexaria is the country's first CBD/Lipid-infused tea, and we are excited to launch this initiative to establish the nation's best trained direct sales force for this highly anticipated brand launching. Consumers across all 50 states can now buy America's FIRST product that uses patent-pending technology to infuse CBDs within lipids for the most comforting and effective experience possible. As 2015 unfolds, ViPovaTM expects to offer additional products to its lineup. As well, the Lexaria EnergyTM brand will also be launched in the first half of 2015 and ViPovaTM CHANNEL PARTNER Distributors will automatically be eligible to also sell the full line of Lexaria EnergyTM brand products as they are unveiled. Broadening our product offerings, combined with early geographic sales advantages, will make this opportunity to quickly acquire Distributor rights particularly rewarding.The website and our toll-free phone lines are taking tea orders. Customers can call 1-888-976-8482 from 9AM to 7PM EST Mon-Fri and we accept most major credit cards.For a limited time only, our two introductory offers remain valid: on your first order, please enjoy free shipping and a coupon good for 30% off your subsequent order, regardless of order size.About LexariaLexaria's shares are quoted in the USA with symbol LXRP and in Canada with symbol LXX. The company searches for projects that could provide potential above-market returns. www.lexarienergy.comAbout ViPovaTM

ViPovaTM uses only legal CBD oil extracts, grown from legal hemp in locations where it is legal to do so, in ViPovaTM-branded tea. ViPovaTM uses its patent-pending process to infuse concentrated amounts of CBD within lipids in its tea, providing more bioactivity and comfort to the body during the absorption process. Only ViPovaTM has this ground-breaking technology for CBD/lipid infusion.
We seek Safe Harbor.

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