Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SecureCom aims to launch mobile Android app in India

2015-06-16 09:28 ET - News Release

Mr. Peter Wilson repoprts
SecureCom Mobile Inc. has formed an initiative to launch SecureCom's mobile Android app in India with the assistance of the British Columbia Ministry of International Trade and its trade and investment representative in India.

The Company met with the BC Ministry of International Trade officials in early May and determined, based on the mobile user demographics in India, that it would be the first target market for our security encryption android apps in South Asia. As a result of in-market introductions facilitated by the British Columbia Trade and Investment Representative in Chandigarh and Bangalore, India, and advice from SecureCom developer Netgains in Chandigarh, SecureCom is confident that a rollout of its secure communications applications focused on the Indian subcontinent, is possible in the very near future. Mobile users in India are increasing and users of chat applications are in the hundred millions. A February 2015 Deloitte report states that the 2015 Indian app industry of 9 billion downloads has grown 5 fold from 1.56 billion downloads in 2012. 2015 revenue estimates from paid apps are estimated to be over US$240 million compared to 2014 US$140 million. There has been a consumerization shift with the introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and chat apps such as Skype, WeeChat and WhatsApp that is changing how Indians communicate. (1)(1) Deloitte, Technology, Media &Telecommunications India Predictions 2015, February 2015.

Peter Wilson CEO of SecureCom Inc. remarked, "I am confident that a growing Indian marketplace exists for our secure text, messaging, and voice apps, and that India is the country to launch our South Asian Android rollout. Working with both trade offices in Bangalore and Chandigarh, I feel our support from the Indian-based Trade and Investment Representatives for British Columbia will help enable us to jumpstart the process of meeting key partners and introducing our mobile apps to the consumer market throughout India. We are looking forward to working with the Ministry of International Trade to expand our reach in other Asian regions as well. We hope to participate in British Columbia and Canadian commerce trade missions in the near future and develop our Canadiana footprint globally".

Teresa Wat, British Columbia's Minister for International Trade said: "British Columbia's trade and investment network plays a key on-the-ground role around connecting B.C. businesses with new markets and trade opportunities and promotes British Columbia as a stable and attractive destination for investment. India is an economic powerhouse. Its young demographic profile and growing middle class make it one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Tremendous opportunities exist for British Columbia businesses to export goods, knowledge and services to this emerging market. That's why BC decided to make India a priority in the BC Jobs Plan."

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