Wednesday, August 26, 2015

IBC appoints Huskamp as president of IBC Engineered

2015-08-26 10:15 ET - News Release

Mr. Anthony Dutton reports
IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. has appointed Chris Huskamp as acting president of its subsidiary IBC Engineered Materials Corp. (EMC). Mr. Huskamp is an advanced automotive and aerospace materials expert and has been with the company since 2011, initially as a consultant, and since 2014, as vice-president of business and technical development.

"I am very excited by the aerospace, automotive and wider market opportunities for IBC and our Beralcast alloys," said Mr. Huskamp, "and look forward to working closely with our growing customer base to realize the potential of these important alloys. Design engineers are increasingly focused on weight savings while cost-effectively maintaining strong materials performance," continued Mr. Huskamp. "IBC's Beralcast alloys offer a wide range of excellent benefits and represent an exciting growth opportunity."

Prior to joining IBC, Mr. Huskamp was an associate technical fellow at the Boeing Company in St. Louis where he developed high-performance materials solutions for military and commercial aerospace projects. At IBC he has focused on aerospace applications for Beralcast, the company's proprietary beryllium aluminum casting alloys, and has been a key member of IBC's team providing Lockheed Martin with Beralcast components for the F-35 Lightning II program. "Chris has proven himself an indispensable asset to IBC and its customers and we are excited to be working with him in this new role," said Anthony Dutton, president and chief executive officer of IBC Advanced Alloys. "His experience, enthusiasm and leadership skills will be invaluable for the growth of EMC and Beralcast."

Mr. Huskamp is replacing Ray White who has resigned as president of EMC. "Ray White was critical in establishing IBC as a leading supplier of beryllium aluminum cast components," said Mr. Dutton. "I want to thank Ray for his role in founding, developing and positioning EMC for growth."
With his compensation, Mr. Huskamp will be awarded an additional options package with standard vesting provisions. The options, priced at 12 cents, are being awarded as part of an aggregate award of 1.2 million options to include other consultants, directors and officers.

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