Monday, September 14, 2015

An ever changing global crisis

Shifting gears in an uncertain market

Is there economic safety in an ever changing global crisis? I start my day by watching the world news and then wonder if I should even log into my trading account. You can't miss the constant crisis in Europe or China and there seems to be no safe haven for my money. I have never been sector specific in investing for so many reasons and although things can change fast I am starting to lean towards what I feel will be constant in the next decade and beyond.

The factors that drive consumables are varied and some consumables just don't have the support that they used to. A recent trip to do some grocery shopping shocked me when a small bag of green grapes was $11. This was the sale price as well I might add. I wondered if a rock had fell into the bag. But this shock continued with most fruits and vegetables as I soon found out. I don't do the regular shopping runs so these price increases caught me off guard, but regular shoppers may have missed the slow & steady increase in their grocery bill for the same or even a smaller amount of food. Fertilizer is not on the top of my watch list but its always in the back of my mind. The world is growing at an alarming rate and we can't keep up with the birth rate. To compound this growth is the fact that people refuse to die before their pension plan is unlocked. The government used to lock you in until you were 65 and most of us never got to see that cash and those funds mysteriously fell into a void that can't be tracked. This dipping into the pension pool is getting to be a regular habit and now the government says it doesn't have the money to pay everyone. Where did that money go? Amazing since so many never got to use theirs in the first place. I think a grade 12 student with basic math skills could have put the Canada Pension funds in some GIC's so that when every Canadian that hit 65 would get a cheque for a million dollars and a big pat on the back. Well I am getting a bit off track but my point is we have to look after ourselves financially, god knows the government won't

I am taking a hard look at potash again as well as a review of my medical and biotech stocks and companies that deal with security of people, places and information. This opens a very large doorway of diverse products and companies. Everything from anti-spyware to bulletproof vests may yield high earning with this growing security threat in the middle east and home grown terrorism. I am always looking at alternative energy companies as well but governments are shifting their priorities right now to security so that means no grants or special funding for my electric buses.

There is no end in sight for the conflicts in the news today so this time line may be long and equate to a tough struggle for oil & gas and even gold. Each time I think oil hit its bottom it takes another dive. Gold may have yet to reveal its true bear market. I have about 20 stocks I buy and hold and 2 or 3 that I trade. Its getting tougher to guess who is a good trader though and when I cash out wins I tend to hold onto that cash just a little bit longer each time.

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