Monday, May 16, 2016

Would Trump collapse the US economically?

Should we watch the US elections with concern as market investors? This is a question small and large investors are probably pondering right now since we don't know the outcome nor the effects with any certainty. I have enjoyed watching the Trump mania on the news but personally don't know that there is a place for his personality on the global stage of politics. Clinton is the face of hate and anger yet this may be the face of stability and probably no change in the status quo.

I read an article on the wealthy in America and their concerns over a Trump victory. There were no specifics on what their worries focused on, but rather a depth of resources to overcome the 4 years of pain to fight another day. The mid level wealthy and those trying to climb the ladder may be the ones who are really living in fear right now since they are out on a limb every day. The balance of risk vs reward is greater when you have a high percentage of your net worth in play. That's the only way I know to play but in 2017 I may have to pull back and go into hiding with cash until I can see a true pattern of predictable market growth in any sector worth risking my future on. Oddly enough some of the best commentary came from the comments posted below the article by John Q public and their ideas on wealth and the future of their net worth. It seemed lost on most as they were struggling to balance the time to get to their 2nd or 3rd job to pay the bills on time.

Wealth should not be measured by a common standard and although I don't feel I am financially wealthy, I have a comfort in life that I never thought I would reach. To me it's all about balance in my own personal goals while spending time with those important to me. We work so hard and yet we miss the fact that the journey was supposed to be the most fun and not necessarily reaching a certain destination. A long time friend and I always talked about what we would do when we didn't have to work and thought we would likely sell used cars. That may sound funny but we both love cars and love talking with people. What better way to spend your day than doing what you love. In fact one of the top 10 events where people had a strong feeling of accomplishment and joy was buying a car. Your first girlfriend, your first born child, getting married, your first home, all these events define us and so many people forget the little things that make life great.

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