Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Great Lakes receives 3 new micronized graphite orders

2017-01-18 10:30 ET - News Release

Mr. Paul Gorman reports
Great Lakes Graphite Inc. has received three new purchase orders for a combined 60 tonnes of micronized graphite from the large U.S. industrial company which purchased over 420 tonnes of graphite from the company in 2016.

Great Lakes Graphite senior vice-president of sales Mike Coscia said: "We are making excellent progress with a number of product qualifications that are currently under way and are looking forward to expanding our customer base. In the meantime, we are extremely fortunate to have a steady customer who is now routinely purchasing significant quantities of graphite from us. We are continuing to work towards the establishment of a supply agreement and are pleased to continue to conduct business on a purchase-order basis in the meantime. We have now received a total of 23 purchase orders from this customer."

About Great Lakes Graphite: Great Lakes Graphite is an industrial minerals company focused on bringing value-added carbon products to a well-defined market.
The company is party to an agreement for shared use of a portion of an industrial facility located in Matheson, Ont., owned by Northfil Resources Ltd., as well as for supply of high-quality natural graphite concentrate (see news release dated March 23, 2015).
We seek Safe Harbor.

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