Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Identillect's Q2 subscriber growth up 11.09% from Q1

2017-07-11 09:42 ET - News Release

Mr. Todd Sexton reports
Identillect Technologies Corp. has continued to experience significant subscriber growth during 2017.
Identillect attributes its growth primarily to its solution's ease of use and robust infrastructure, along with its continuous advancements. This has led to greater adoption of its Delivery Trust e-mail encryption solution by new, and ever larger, organizations. Identillect's growth rate during its second quarter of 2017 has increased by 11.09 per cent over its first quarter's growth rate. During the first six months of 2017, Identillect's subscriber base has grown 24.81 per cent from the six months ended Dec. 31, 2016. Identillect continues to expand its reseller relationships and technology alliances, which will continue to drive growth throughout 2017.

Identillect's Delivery Trust is a trusted e-mail security platform that provides businesses of all sizes with the most effective and economical way to protect its client's personal information and comply with increased regulatory requirements. "Identillect continues to expand its user base as cybersecurity threats plague businesses across the United States and abroad. With the expansion of our reseller program and the size of the organizations we service, Identillect anticipates continued growth through 2017," stated Todd Sexton, chief executive officer of Identillect. "We are very pleased with the success of our recently announced warrant incentive program and have already began deploying funds to accelerate the company's existing successful growth strategy. We expect these sales and marketing initiatives will result in new market expansion, along with an extended product portfolio, to meet the diverse security needs of the various market segments."

Cybersecurity is a growing concern -- with limited resources to locate and prosecute cybercriminals, the prevention of data breaches is the businesses' responsibility. When businesses delay the implementation of a solution such as Delivery Trust or implement an inferior solution, they run significant risk of being out of regulatory compliance, eroding customer confidence, experiencing a loss of market share as well as becoming a cybersecurity statistic.

The cybersecurity market is one of the fastest-growing markets in technology. Breaches involving accidental e-mail/Internet exposure of information was the second-most common type of breach incident reported by the identity theft centre. Global spending will cumulatively exceed $1-billion over the next five years, with cybersecurity damages predicted to reach $6-trillion globally by 2021 reported by CSO on-line. The need for advanced cybersecurity tools to prevent data breaches will only continue to increase with an estimated four billion on-line requiring security by 2020.

About Identillect Technologies Corp.
Identillect Technologies is the leading provider of e-mail encryption service, Delivery Trust, empowering enterprises of all sizes to protect their business and their clients' critical information against cybersecurity attacks.
We seek Safe Harbor.

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