Saturday, February 15, 2014


I think we have all had a dark horse we bet on that never won the race or failed to perform the way we expected. Often expectations are driven by propaganda from companies or the insiders who we have placed our faith and hope in before pulling the trigger. I often tell people faith and hope are not investment strategies but we all get drawn to the light of a sexy story especially when it has to do with gold. Throughout history fortune hunters have bet the farm on finding gold in barren and unforgiving lands only to die trying or losing everything they have on the promise of something that never actually had a chance at success.

We all find our dark horse on our own and in reality have no one to blame but ourselves. Clinging to a story that runs a long time line of delays, cash crunches and politics, its hard to decide when to cut bait on your horse and just let it go.

Even at tax time I tend to avoid that stock I have jumped into with both feet and of course I am currently under water in. If the stock ran tomorrow to my break even point would I be able to run from it and go play somewhere else? Or would I now believe the new reality spun by the "big boys" involved that the ship is about to turn for us all?

I take some joy in the fact that the US marijuana stocks are running and that all I have to do is check the market wire and buy at the open on the OTC and end the day with a profit. All because they mentioned marijuana in their press release. Maybe my dark horse should stop pretending they are looking for gold and start shifting into the illusion they may one day grow and sell medical marijuana. If I sound bitter that I have held on and watched things come to a grinding halt on the biggest find in recent history then you may be right. Although I take the wins with the losses and actually believe someone may one day develop my gold property. It will probably be someone I don't have shares in though.

With gold running I spread the wealth around into a few gold juniors I think have slipped under the radar. I think now more than ever we may see so many stories come to life. I think 2014 is going to be one to be remembered for profits in so many sectors. Gold will just be the start and I will be there for it. I feed my dark horse now and then and check on it less frequently now, but I still want to believe it will finally get out on the track and run with the best of them.

I hope you find the winning horse and it lives up to all the hype and promises made by all those "in the know". Just remember to spread the wealth and don't place all your bets on one race and you will be fine.

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